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Webinar: Lean Manufacturing - How EHS Software Can Make It a Reality


Do you have higher manufacturing expectations?

Has your company adopted a Lean Manufacturing mentality?

The webinar focusses on a roundtable discussion between officers of J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc. and their consultants, as they examine the steps involved in JBPCO moving towards a viable solution to meeting these problems head on and overcoming them.

Specific topics that are discussed include:

  • EHS Compliance issues related to data collection, onsite Audits, EHS tasks management and EHS Reporting prior to having an EHS Compliance Software.
  • The process of choosing an EHS Compliance Software vendor.
  • How the implementation process was accomplished and the real benefits of software automation.
  • How the utilization of EHS software systems actually reduced EHS Departmental costs, eliminated NOV's, made the department more efficient and ensured accurate reporting.

Learn how the J.B. Poindexter Company transformed a difficult EHS Compliance situation into what their Board of Directors now views as a positive contributor to a leaner, more sustainable organization.


Phillip D. Schull, Vice President of Risk Management

Robert D. Waugaman, Regional EHS Manager for J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc.

Kevin Parks, Partner and owner of D&B Environmental Services, Inc

Sarah Sajedi, Director of Research and Development at ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Watch the Webinar