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Example of ERA Environmental Software.


The leader in environmental software for the automotive, aerospace, and chemical industries
Trusted by  Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies world wide
Cloud-based SAAS solution with multi-tenant benefits ensures that you always have access to the latest features and versions
Empowers you with real-time analytics and Business Intelligence to make sustainable business decisions
Guaranteed implementation with money back promise - never outsourced or sold off to consultants
The only EHS software on the market fully developed, supported, and maintained by true environmental scientists, toxicologists, and chemists
Unparalleled Return on Investment (ROI)
Total EHS Solution in one central platform - Air, Water, Waste, Health & Safety, Audits, Business Process Management

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"ERA's Software does all the work for us... letting our company get back to pollution prevention and key management areas. Since implementation we've not had a single penalty or violation."

Phil Schull, V.P. Risk Management
J.B. Poindexter & Co.


"We needed a system that manages the data and calculations for us, so we can spend more time doing meaningful work, not manipulating data and fixing errors every month."

David Steedly
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky


"Being an environmental professional, it makes everything much simpler, much easier, much clearer... Auditors comment on how immaculate our record-keeping is."

Howard Clement, Environmental Compliance Manager
Leggett & Platt


"It was overwhelming because of our large facility. With ERA's software, I can manage the entire facility by myself... We now save 81% on our reporting time & $72,000 /year, for a single facility."

Ron Drumeller, Head of Environment & Energy
Volkswagen Chattanooga


"The objective of our system is time savings, accuracy up, and succession planning. 2 or 3 of us are eligible for retirement within 5 years. Make-shift excel sheets were going to make it very difficult for someone else to come into this role."

Maureen Burnaby, Technical Coordinator


"Before we got a consolidated system we spent half an hour on QA and correcting errors. Our IS group had developed an in-house system that worked well but was aging. It needed up-keep which they couldn't provide because we were increasing production."

Jared Lyon, Environmental Engineer