Protect your Enterprise from audits and penalties by learning how to identify and correct TRI Reporting Red Flags before you submit your TRI Report. ERA has teamed up with a former high-level TRI Coordinator to teach you the inside scoop on how EPA auditors are trained to hunt down TRI Red Flags in this step-by-step eBook. Get the insider knowledge you need to prevent TRI errors and maximize accuracy today.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ensuring TRI Reporting Accuracy

This short eBook gives you all TRI-red-flagI-eBook-mock-upthe information you need to validate your Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) report in order to prevent some of the most common Red Flags that cause facilities to get audited by the EPA. Learn how the EPA checks your TRI data for discrepancies against National Emissions Inventory data to determine if you should be on the EPA watch list for audits or fines. 

You'll get simple and straightforward directions on:

  • Where to find high quality emissions inventory data for your enterprise.
  • Which red flags get prioritized by the EPA when it comes time to decide who gets audited.
  • How to use your data to spot red flags in your TRI report, including insight on the auditors’ calculation used to determine if NEI and TRI data aren’t in synch.
  • Solutions and fixes to the root causes of common TRI red flags. 
    A straightforward solution to your TRI reporting problems.