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The major update to TRI reporting this year is the addition of PFAS chemicals - this significant addition has wide-reaching consequences for many industries and this may include your facility. If you manufacture, process or otherwise use any listed PFAS you must remember to include these chemicals in your TRI report this year.

ERA's TRI RY 2020 Updates Guide condenses all the changes to TRI this year into one simple guide. This includes a special 6 page section explaining the addition of PFAS to give you all the reporting guidance you need to correctly report PFAS on your Form Rs. 

If you're looking for a guide to the fundamentals of TRI reporting, check out ERA's TRI Survival Guide which has been updated for this year. 

TRI-Regulatory-update--ebook-BY-2020PFAS are commonly used in food packaging, commercial household products, firefighting foam, and chrome plating. These chemicals are primarily used to repel dirt water and grease. PFAS persist in the environment and cause water contamination which may lead to adverse health effects for humans.

Your industry may need to track and monitor the use and release of PFAS to meet the new reporting requirements and to ensure environmental safety. The industries that will be affected by this change include automotive, construction, electronics, and the military.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What PFAS are and why they are toxic.
  • Which products may contain PFAS and which industries will be affected by this change with a complete list of NAICS codes.
  • How to properly report PFAS complete with de minimis levels and article exemption rules.
  • Resources to learn more about PFAS toxicity.