This must-see webinar gives you access to the insider knowledge of former EPA TRI coordinator, Nora Lopez.


This EPA expert has agreed to share her decades of TRI experience, including a deep dive into how the EPA assesses your TRI data to determine if you’re getting audited and the red flags her TRI team is trained to look out for in Form Rs.

Download this on-demand webinar get insider tips on:

  • How to spot red flags in your TRI Report that could result in fines or penalties
  • A methodology used by EPA Auditors to scrutinize your Form R report for errors
  • Common solutions to SARA 313 reporting problems
  • Real-world case studies
  • How-to guidelines for improving TRI reporting 
  • Tips for a more accurate and easier to generate TRI report
  • What the EPA does with your TRI Form R data, including important deadlines