Many North American companies have rightfully invested time and money achieving GHS compliance and staying current with global chemical hazad communication standards.

While GHS compliance is essential, there's more to strive for. Did you know that there are numerous business factors regarding SDS Authoring and label creation that can't be simplified to simply complying with SDS standards?

The best way is to stay updated and stay educated - aware of the shifting regulatory landscape and evolving requirements that can move even GHS-compliant documentation into the red zone. You need to know how to ensure your SDS processes are air tight, reliable, and good for business.
This useful PDF guide lays out everything you need to know about the limitations of GHS compliance, including: 

  • Exactly what the GHS's remit is, and where your other responsibilities begin.
  • Why issues such as local language and transportation documentation matter.
  • How safety legislation beyond North America can impact your business.
  • Dealing with constant updates to the regulatory rules.