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Leveraging the wealth of information in your company’s SDS Management system raises the bar across all three pillars of your triple bottom line and benefits your profits, the planet and people's health.


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React immediately to queries requiring safety data

Assess vital aspects of operations such as supply chain, chemical inventory, and more 

Inform decision making with real time, accurate data anytime and anywhere the need arises

Shift resources to address urgent situations, anticipate future issues, and align with consumer needs

Examine existing operations to identify opportunities and meet challenges in your business


ERA’s versatile SDS Management System and Mobile App provide real time, accurate data required by decision makers to React, Assess, Inform, Shift, and Examine all aspects of your corporate sustainability vision.

  • • Update, audit, and archive your SDS
  • • Track revisions
  • • Track and report chemical inventory
  • • Monitor your supply chain

Sustainability investments like EHS automation software satisfy more than just your company’s EHS compliance protocols. To learn more about how sustainable investments can improve your company’s profit margins, contact ERA today.

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