Access These Bulletproof Methodologies to Ensure GHS Compliance


Take the mystery out of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) authoring with this free guide based on 25 years of chemical management and hazard communication. This guide is designed to give you the steps to make sure what you author is accurate and follows GHS standards - all while keeping things simple and cost-effective.

You'll get insights from chemical management professionals on everything you need to know about SDS authoring, including:

  • How to classify your chemical products with the GHS classification system - determine the correct hazard phrases and pictograms for your SDSs
  • How to effectively manage your SDS authoring schedule for large and small batches of SDSs
  • How SDSs can reduce your operational risks and costs, all while opening up your business to new markets

This guide includes over 30 pages of information, tables, pictograms, and more to help you correctly author Safety Data Sheets with confidence. To get your free copy, simply complete the form to the right.