Strike the balance between protecting your business secrets and staying in compliance with Hazard Communication regulations. 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are an absoluteCBI-Disclosure-in-SDS-Authoring necessity for anyone manufacturing or distributing chemical products. SDSs keep your clients safe and are required by law under the Globally Harmonized System. Where is the line between responsible hazard disclosure and keeping your trade secrets safe?

This free eBook outlines the regulatory guidelines for North American manufacturers regarding Confidential Business Information (CBI) and SDS authoring. You'll learn the steps you an take to protect your mixtures and chemical compositions while still keeping users safe and informed:

  • How to apply for a disclosure exemption, including what to expect in terms of cost
  • An overview of the regulations introduced in North America during the transition to the GHS system
  • How to use automation to simplify your CBI process and reliably protect your data
  • Steps you can take in your SDS authoring to mask or protect certain chemical components