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Protecting Confidential Info
in SDS Authoring

Learn how to Protect your confidential business information as Safety regulations Expand

cbi-disclosure-sds-authoring-ebook-cover-for-website.jpgStrike the balance between protecting your business and staying in compliance. 

SDSs are an absolute necessity. These are the key documents that are reached for in an emergency situation and are required by law at any premises that uses hazardous chemicals. 

New regulations being put in place in North American markets are compelling companies to disclose the exact chemical contents of their products. This can cause serious confidential business information concerns for companies that need to protect their mixtures and chemical compositions  

After reading this free PDF guide, you will have a better understanding of how to navigate through this regulatory pitfall. Topics covered include: 

  • The actual regulatory changes being brought in. 
  • The cost and process of applying for a disclosure exemption.
  • The different regulations being applied to US and Canadian businesses. 
  • How an integrated system helps bypass CBI concerns

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