ERA's TRI Reporting Guides


TRI Reporting Survival Guide

Discover the most recent changes to the Toxic Release Inventory TRI reporting program and how to submit a complete TRI report free from errors.

This guide is updated annually, to keep up with the latest TRI regulation updates.

Download your PDF copy of TRI reporting guide to ensure your reporting is as accurate as possible.

TRI checklist

TRI Checklist

The TRI Checklist is a totally free online resource maintained by ERA's scientists that gives you a simple snapshot of the steps-by-step process of creating an accurate and comprehensive Toxic Release Inventory Report.

Use this TRI checklist both before you start your TRI report creation and to validate your report before you submit it to EPA.

Includes free downloadable PDF version.


The TRI Reporter's Guide to Catching and Fixing Red Flags

Access this exclusive guide written by former EPA TRI Coordinator (Region 2) Nora Lopez to uncover the most common mistakes that TRI reporters make every year - and how to avoid them.

This PDF ebook is considered a must-read for any TRI reporter: it covers which reporting red flags the EPA watches for, the tools you can use for data QAQC, and how to best avoid enforcement... all from an EPA insider. 


EPCRA Essentials Course: Complete Training in SARA, TRI, and Tier I & II

Free download of the slides from a full-day TRI Reporting workshop on EPCRA regulations, including Toxic Release Inventory, Tier II, SARA, Form R compliance and more. 

You get over 170 educational slides created by a former EPA TRI Coordinator (Region 2) - a true masterclass in TRI reporting from an industry insider.

This essentials workshop provides a full introduction for everything you need to know for Toxic Release Inventory compliance.


 EPCRA for Experts: Advanced Tactics for TRI, Tier I & II, SARA, and Auditing

This collection of over 130 slides goes in-depth into TRI reporting, SARA compliance, and Form R submissions - it's designed for experienced TRI reporters or those who have already downloaded the EPCRA essential slides.

In this workshop, former EPA TRI Coordinator (Region 2) Nora Lopez teaches you expert tips for making sure your TRI reporting efforts go above basic compliance - discover how to avoid little-known pitfalls that catch facilities across the US, and be better defended against enforcement actions.