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ERA's ROI & Sustainability Guides


ROI: A Complete Cost Breakdown of In-House Software Development

Are you considering building your EHS software yourself?

This eBook covers everything you should know about in-house software development. We wrote it to provide readers with a rough estimate of the true price tag of building a functional software, from the initial design to recurring platform upgrades.

Automotive-industry-case-studay mock up

ROI: EMS for the Automotive Industry

Automotive OEMs looking to save big on EHS compliance should look no further than an EMS.

ERA worked closely with EHS managers at several automotive manufacturing facilities to prepare this short case study on the average annual savings ERA clients can expect after optimizing facility workflows and supply chain management.

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ROI: EMS for the Chemical Industry

If your facility works with chemicals (such as paints, primers, stains, coatings, topcoats, etc.) on a daily basis, implementing an EMS could save you $150,000 per year and earn you a return on your investment after 18 months.

Read our case study, prepared alongside EHS managers at both small and large, multi-site enterprises, to learn how.

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ROI: EMS for the Aerospace Industry

EHS Managers at aerospace manufacturers can optimize their supply chains and increase their profits with a single decision: enlisting the help of an EMS.

Our seven-page case study on facilities that produce airplane parts and prepare air, water, and/or waste reports is a must read for anyone looking to save big on compliance.


The Hows and Whys of Sustainability

For some, sustainability planning is a mystery. This eBook lays the groundwork for understanding the best practices and fundamentals of sustainability for your business.

Learn how to start sustainability programs for your facility, what kind of metrics are used to track sustainability, and what tools you will need along the way.


GHG Accounting for Business

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting is an essential pillar of any sustainability program.

This guide condenses the basics of GHG reporting, including science and calculation methodologies, so that you can learn how to start tracking and disclosing your GHG emissions and overall carbon footprint.

Triple-Bottom-Line-ROI mock-up

ROI: Triple Bottom Line Automation

Want a quick overview of the benefits of automated report generation?

We put together this one-page document that summarizes the way executives can bolster their triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) with a simple change to their EHS workflows. We even included a real ROI calculation example!