The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is a critical Canadian environmental report for anyone operating in a manufacturing sector. All businesses with regulated air, water, and waste emissions are required to report these pollutants to federal organizations.

So... how do you submit this report correctly & how can it affect your business planning?

ERA has compiled a 25-page eBook that explains everything you'll need to know about NPRI reporting, all in simple, straightforward language.

Our 25-page eBook will walk you through: NPRI-eBook-mock-up

  • How to determine which parts of the NPRI report you are required to submit.
  • Whether your facility falls under any of the special NPRI exemptions.
  • What the most recent changes to the reporting requirements are.
  • What information your report needs to contain so you stay in compliance.
  • How to make your NPRI reporting easier and take less time.