When the GHS was first introduced to North America, many businesses needed to completely overhaul their SDS management systems to comply with the new hazard communication standards. Today, the challenge for manufacturers is to optimize their SDS protocols to make compliance faster, easier, and more cost effective. That's exactly what this eBook is designed to teach you


Whether you have complex GHS compliance requirements, or just a few SDSs to maintain, this how-to guide will give you the steps to redesign your SDS management system to make compliance simpler everyday. 

This eBook explains:

  • How to properly assess your current SDS management system for opportunities to improve and inefficiencies. 
  • 5 Key Principles and Policies of a successful SDS Management system and how to start implementing them.
  • How to train employees about using and interpreting SDSs in a way that meets OSHA requirements.
  • The questions you should be asking every time a new product or chemical is introduced to your workplace.  

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