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TRI Reporting Survival Guide

This downloadable guide is full of useful insights, tips, reminders, and best practices for TRI reporters, with an emphasis on keeping your TRI report up to date with EPA requirements. 




Download your free PDF copy of our RY2023 TRI Survival Guide!

EHS professionals consider Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting to be one of the most time-consuming and challenging parts of their job, and with good reason. This annual report is massive, requiring numerous calculations and an in-depth understanding of your chemical throughputs.

Our FREE 22-page PDF includes:

  Common reporting errors and how to avoid them
   A detailed breakdown of chemical qualifiers and other reporting exemptions
   Vital tools for performing compliance self-audits
   Updates for Reporting Year 2023
   Several ways that you may be over- or under-reporting on certain chemicals
   How your inventory tracking method might be working against you

Download your copy now and reduce the cost of your compliance!


Accurate Results in Less Time

Automated report generation is a sure way to recover the time diverted from health and safety operations and give EHS managers the resources they need to enforce them.


No More Reporting Red Flags

Auditors are on the lookout for a handful of the same red flags, such as over-reporting as a safety net or discrepancies across a release type. With ERA's guide, you are guaranteed to avoid them.


Optimized Reporting Process

Get tips on making sure you make the most of every exemption, including the de minimis and article exemptions, and perform self-audits that actually catch reporting errors.