This downloadable guide is full of useful insights, tips, reminders, and best practices for TRI reporters, with an emphasis on keeping your TRI report up to date with EPA requirements. 

This free 22 page PDF includes:

  • Common reporting errors and how to avoid them.
  • EPA's official statement on COVID-19 and TRI reporting.
  • Several ways that you may be over- or under-reporting on certain chemicals.
  • How your inventory tracking method might be working against you.


EHS professionals consider Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting to be one of the most time-consuming and challenging parts of their job, and with good reason. This annual report is massive, requiring numerous calculations and an in-depth understanding of your chemical throughputs. 

The TRI Survival Guide gives you best practices and reporting tips to ensure this year's TRI tasks go smoothly and you avoid common reporting mistakes. It is an essential read for both new and experienced reporters: giving you the basics of TRI and advanced reporting knowledge.