Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) ReportingTRI-Survival-Guide-ebook-mockup is considered by many EHS Managers to be the most challenging and time-consuming part of their work year. Not only is there a massive amount of data to collect, assess, and roll up into Form Rs, you also need to constantly be on top of regulatory updates and chemical list changes. RY 2019, due July 1 2020, saw the roll out of some major chemical category changes which undoubtedly affect your reporting this year

Want to Be TRI Ready this Year?

This downloadable guide is full of useful insights, tips, reminders, and best practices for TRI reporters, with an emphasis on keeping your TRI report up to date with EPA requirements. 

This free 29 page PDF has been updated for the 2019 Reporting Year, including:

  • Information on what chemicals have exemptions and how they work.
  • A list of new chemicals that you are required to report for the 2019 reporting year. 
  • Information about the complications surrounding metals and TRI reporting.
  • Several ways that you may be over- or under-reporting on certain chemicals.
  • Information on the crucial De Minimis Exemption.
  • A brief history of TRI and why reporting every year is mandatory.