If you're already familiar with EPCRA EPCRA-Experts-training-contentregulations and are looking to take a deep dive into how SARA 301-304 and SARA 311-313 affect your bottom line then this EPCRA Experts training resource is for you. 

This free PDF download contains over 130 slides created by EPCRA experts and former EPA scientists to go beyond what you'll find in other training courses. You get a look at the science behind TRI and Tier I & II regulations and get insider knowledge of how the EPA assesses your submissions for potential fines. It's a must-read for anyone looking to optimize their EPCRA reporting for fine avoidance.

You get unparalleled expertise the following topics: 

  • How the EPA analyzes your Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) submission for inconsistencies and how you can avoid the common pitfalls that cause noncompliance fines.
  • Tips on ensuring the quality of your data before you submit it to the EPA or state regulators. Proper QAQC is the first line of defense against penalties.
  • Comprehensive strategies for understanding exemptions that will have an impact on what you report for EPCRA.
  • The EPA tools you can use for proper SARA and Form R submissions - and where to find them completely free online. This includes self-auditing tools for SARA and e-reporting.
  • Managing revisions or withdrawals of TRI data to protect your business.
  • Contains charts and infographics direct from public EPA resources - conveniently compiled for your use.
  • What to expect during an EPA audit on Tier I, Tier II, or TRI compliance - and how to make sure you are prepared for anything the EPA asks you.