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Decades of EPCRA Knowledge Condensed into one Ultimate Download, Yours Free.

EPCRA Essentials Course from ERA - Full SARA and Tier I & II EducationThis course in EPCRA Essentials contains the combined expertise of over 50 years of EPCRA, Form R, and Tier I & Tier II reporting. You'll learn the fundamentals of EPCRA compliance reporting and assessing your obligations.

ERA has combined forces with a former EPA TRI Coordinator to present this comprehensive educational course. You get a free PDF of the complete day-long course from ERA, with 170 slides of insider advice and tips. 

This EPCRA Essentials course is a must-read for any EHS professional. It provides a full education on Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Form R, as well as Tier II, emergency notification requirements, and information on how EPA auditors assess your compliance.

  • Learn about the exceptions and exemptions (i.e. De minimis and Article exemptions) that affect your EPCRA reporting, including the threshold amounts for SARA regulations.
  • Get alerted to upcoming changes to regulations that will affect your next EPCRA report.
  • Essential 301, 302, 303, 304, 311, 312, and 313 definitions, thresholds, and tables direct from credible EPA sources.
  • Tips on ensuring an accurate upload to TRI-MEweb and Tier II Submit. How to review and QAQC your data before you provide it to the EPA.
  • Charts and data direct from public EPA sources - credible, up to date, and accurate.

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